Legends of Cusi 2

Xidi Village was a Hu clan settlement, but the ancestor of the Hu clan there did not bear the surname Hu. The story of the ancestor of the Xidi Hu clan is about the demise of a dynasty and the narrow escape from death of a new born imperial family member.  How Temujin, the most prominent person in the 13th-century military history, was bestowed the title of Genghis Khan (Universal Ruler)? Marco Polo had lived in China for 17 years.  What places did he visit?  What did Emperor Yongle of the Ming Dynasty order to construct which has become one of the five palaces in the World? Zheng He, the Chief Imperial Envoy and Commander of the Ming Dynasty, led seven expeditions to the Western Oceans.  What countries did he travel to which became the blueprint of the Maritime Silk Road later on?


In Legends of the Cusi 2, the lucky stars Cusi introduce to you five prominent historical figures who had remarkable achievements.  Their legendary stories embody faith, bravery, perseverance, benevolence, and wisdom. With unique style of pictures and in both Chinese and English, it is an ideal book for a family pastime.

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