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Zhang Qian Connecting China with the Western Regions

Story Overview

Since the early days of the Western Han Dynasty (206 CE – 24 BCE), the Xiongnu, better known in the West as the Hun tribes, which domineered the northern desert, had expanded its territory by conquering numerous tribes and small states in the Western Regions while invading the southern countries and pillaged the Han people living along the border, thus posing a grave threat to the Western Han Dynasty. Upon his succession to the throne, the capable and visionary Emperor Han Wudi managed to recruit ambassadors to the Western Regions, in an attempt to establish ties with Da Yuezhi, which was expelled from their homeland by the Xiongnu, so as to launch joint attacks against the Xiongnu on both flanks. As a young military officer, Zhang Qian volunteered for this mission.  


Zhang Qian and his entourage of over 100 persons, guided by Tangyifu from a nomadic tribe, embarked on the journey to the West. However, when the team was crossing the Xiongnu-controlled Hexi Corridor (the historical route in Gansu Province, China), they were all captured by the Xiongnu cavalry and sent to the Xiongnu Imperial Court…