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Xuanzang’s Pilgrimage to India to Seek Buddhist Scriptures

Story Overview:

By the early Tang Dynasty, Buddhism had been disseminated from India to China and undergone changes for several centuries. However, lots of Buddhist scriptures were incomplete. Many translations were garbled and texts were contradictory. It was hard for practitioners to tell the true doctrines from the false ones, not to mention what to follow. At that time, there was a young Dharma master named Xuanzang who had extraordinary temperament and entered Buddhist monkhood at a young age. Xuanzang desired to pursue the thorough understanding of the truth of the world, so as to ultimately achieve the Buddhist fulfillment. He was also resolved to foster the true Dharma. Though the Emperor of Tang forbade him to travel abroad, he decided to sneak out of the border and embark on his pilgrimage to the remote India to seek Buddhist scriptures...