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A Marriage of State – Princess Wencheng Entered Tibet

Story Overview:

During Tang Emperor Taizong’s Reign of Zhenguan (626-649 CE), there’s a highly talented and visionary young Tsenpo (title used by rulers of Tubo Kingdom), whose name is Songtsan Gambo. He reunified the Tibetan Plateau by conquering the tribes of Sumpa in the north, Qiangtang in the west, Tangut tribes and Tuyuhun Kingdom in the east. To boost the prosperity of Tubo Kingdom, Songtsan Gambo dispatched a delegation headed by Lu Dongzan to Chang’an, the capital of Tang Dynasty, to establish ties with the Tang Empire and request a marriage with a Tang princess. Dama, the smart Tibetan Mastiff that kept each other company with the Tsenpo, was also appointed to be a member of the delegation.


The night before the delegation headed out, Songtsan Gambo described to his close friend Dama a recurring dream, where he saw a nymph sowing grain seeds. The nymph was so elegantly gorgeous that her image lingered in his mind. The Tsenpo believed the nymph in his dream was exactly the Tang princess whom he had been expecting…