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Phags-pa, the Imperial Preceptor of the Yuan Dynasty

Story Overview:

In the late Song Dynasty (960-1279 CE), the mighty Mongol cavalry was invincibly scoring sweeping victories across the nation, conquering different countries and states, and enslaving many non-Mongol ethnic groups. With its further southward expansion, the Mongol army led by Ögedei, the second Great Khan (a Mongolian title meaning emperor) reached the Tibet border, attempting to snatch another triumph there. The Mongol Khan issued an ultimatum-like edict to Sakya Pandita, the fourth of the Five Venerable Supreme Sakya Masters of Tibet, urging the Master to visit Liangzhou City in the north and negotiate terms of surrender there. The harshly-worded edict compelled the Master to yield, as the Mongolian troops threatened to kill the Tubo people in case of his disobedience…